For the makeup anon:
I use:
Olay moisturizer
Too Face primer
Laura Mercier concealer
Urban Decay liquid foundation
NYC eyebrow wax and pencil
Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette is my usual go-to, but I have a huge Sephora one as well, and I use the odd drugstore color every now and then. I’m not picky about eyeshadow brands-as long as you use a primer on your lid, the color will stay!
Benefit’s Bella Bamba blush, They’re Real! Mascara and eyeliner
And my two favorite red lipsticks are Bobbi Brown’s Burnt Red and Smashbox’s Infared Matte
I also swear by Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey for a nice tinted lip balm
Clinique also makes fantastic CC cream for days foundation is too heavy
I top everything off with a dusting of Make Up Forever setting powder, and if I know I’ll be in makeup for a long time I’ll also spritz some $3 ELF setting spray on top of everything else!

Most powders and eye stuff you can easily get for way cheaper at any drug store. The only thing I encourage splurging on is your foundation, because it’s all over your face and stuff. Keep in mind the same formulas won’t work for every skin type, and I’ve gone through four or five different brands to find one my skin likes, so play with it, or just get a ton of samples from your local makeup counter!
And always remember to wash all that shit off at the end of the day and for the love of all that is good in the world, MOISTURIZE.

Happy 45th anniversary, Haunted Mansion!
I can’t wait to go hang out with these two next month!

Okay so I expressed interest in a body painting casting call that pays a pretty penny, and they emailed me asking to send topless photos to see if I’m the right body type for the job.

I mean, they have a valid reason to ask, since body paint isn’t much more than pasties and chonies.

But my skeezy senses were tingling.
So now I don’t know.

This entire day is a study on the art of NOPE.

Oh god I am just the worst combination of Michael Scott, Chandler Bing, and Liz Lemon and I’m going to die alone.


I am in no mood.

I am in no mood.

Wow holy balls

I’ve been physically exhausted and riding on the whisper of my last bit of wind all week.
But everything just crashed, hard.
Like, all the feelings I pushed away all weekend for the sake of surviving and pulling through, just hit me at once, with interest. And I don’t even have the energy to begin to try to sort through them.
Adrenaline crashes are a real and terrible thing.

Holy hangover, Batman.

I still have three more days, I must persevere!