Remember that time a “popular” cosplayer was suddenly in the same big cosplay group and then the fucking pressure was on because now people outside your immediate social media circle are actually going to see your work and it’s like two months till con and you have absolutely nothing done yet?

Yeah. It made you gassy with stress. Good times.

My hair is a dark brown again.
I feel like my old self. :)

I was gonna go running before work.


I’m on season 2 of Merlin.

How haven’t I been watching this?!

Is it bad that I want to cosplay Selphie from FFVIII only to take lots of pictures of myself and call them “Selphies?”

San Diego Comic Con and WonderCon badges purchased.

In other news: I am now selling one of my kidneys because I have no more money.

I didn’t sleep.
And I’m still a little drunk.
And I’m leaving for work in an hour.
It’s gonna be a good day.

American Horror Story: Comic Con Badge Sales

I want to start waist training.

I need something to keep me disciplined.
And to make my posture better.
And it’s just kinda sexy?

I dunno.
I need to feel sexy and cute, even if it’s only for myself.

I found my dapper day dress and I’m crying because I don’t get paid till tomorrow.
I’m romantically attracted to this dress. I don’t even know how else to describe it.