Today I binged on SVU, curled my hair, learned how to tango and salsa, and caught up on Game of Thrones.

And I still feel unaccomplished.

I don’t know if I even want to go to any more cons this year.

I’m exhausted and everything hurts.

It’s not like I’d be missed, anyway.

My birthday is on Saturday and I still have no idea what I’m doing.

I think I’ll just stay in bed.
Or go to a friend’s going away party.

I dunno.

Twenty-three isn’t looking to be a noteworthy age anyway.

I drove past an airport last night and I had an overwhelming urge to run in and catch the first flight to anywhere.

I crave a change.

Cutting right to the chase, aren’t ya Johnny boy?

Cutting right to the chase, aren’t ya Johnny boy?

I broke a needle on my machine and almost stabbed through my finger trying to replace it.

I can’t even have a quiet night in without causing injury to myself wtf.

…I guess I’m going to Indianapolis in August?

That’ll be interesting.

I’ve never been to a state that isn’t directly attached to California. And I’ll be getting paid!

OhmyGOD someone actually un-ironically called me m’lady on okcupid I am beyond done.

No alarms,
And no surprises.


Things I learned about Tinder today:

I will almost surely swipe “yes” if you:

-are a cute boy in glasses
-are standing in front of the Bluth stair car/banana stand
-are wearing a costume
-are photographed with a puppet
-list in your description that you have really good dad jokes
-are photographed with a cat

I will almost surely swipe “no” if you:

-list in your description that you’re “just here for the sex”
-are not wearing a shirt
-one of your pictures is of a magnum condom
-you use the word “tinderella” at any given point in time
-are using a photo of yourself with a girl that you very clearly cropped out